Key features

Tekfa's weighing solution reduce container handling time, frees up space in the port area, and reduce carbon emissions.


The container weighing system is designed to optimize terminal operations by providing fast, accurate and compliant container weighing.

Customized solutions

Our container weighing solutions are customized to fit all types of cranes and vehicles.


Tekfa´s highly experienced and dedicated service and support team offers remote technical support, calibration & software development.

Container weighing specialists

Since 2016 TEKFA has delivered and serviced weighing systems for container weighing. Today the solutions are tried and tested and we have developed a full integrated weighing solution with integration of weighing system with ERP-system/TOS (Terminal Operating System).

TEKFA Container Weighing System ('CWS') is fast, accurate and compliant. The system weights containers with high accuracy as part of the normal lifting cycle. The weighing process has minimal effect on the handling time and operational flows in the terminal. TEKFA CWS provides certified and accurate weighing results suitable for container weight verification, VGM. The type approved TEKFA weighing module load cells are certified OIML R60 class C3.

TEKFA has specialized in weighing and has designed, build, delivered and serviced weighing systems since 1975. We strive to be adaptive to the changes of our technical base and/or the society we are a part of. We are a family owned company and located in Denmark.