Key features

Below you find the key features of our weighing solutions. The machine integrated weighing solutions reduce container handling time and furthermore frees up port space. Consequently, it helps reduce carbon emissions in avoiding driving and queueing to weighbridges or similar.


High reliability and weighing accuracy

  • Tested accuracy within 0.2%-1%
  • Complies with SOLAS-convention/ Verified Gross Mass
  • Ensures legal VGM-invoicing
  • Accepted weighing system subject to OIML

Gravity point indication

  • TWM indicates the gravity point between the four container corners

Machine integration

  • TWM uses the machine control system to halt the machine and ensure stable weighing process
  • TWM reads and reacts on the twistlock
  • TWM reads and reacts on OOG indication signals

Weighing process

  • Weighing time: 3-5 sec.
  • No driver interaction required
  • ”Live” reporting to TOS or ERP

Overload protection

  • Clear TWM overload indication
  • Software activates machine brakes on overload

SOLAS compliant

The TEKFA weighing module load cell is certified OIML R60 class C3. The OIML-standard is the most commonly weighing standard used worldwide.