RBMST load cell

Tekfa RBMST load cell is a compact compression load cell in stainless steel with built in isolation plates which secures the load cell against damage from faulty circuit due to lighting strokes etc. the RBMST load cell is very suitable for the food industry, the chemical industry and other demanding environments where there is a need for high capacity. The RBMST load cell is standard calibrated which means that one RBMST load cell can be replaced with another RBMST load cell with the same capacity without re-calibrating the whole weighing system again.

Technical specifications

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Enviromental protection: IP68
  • Total Error: 0,1%
  • Cable length: Standard 10 m
  • Rated Capacity kg: 20.000/ 30.000/ 50.000

Cable color manual