Dilute phase system

Dilute phase is the most common form of pneumatic powder transport. The powder is sucked by vacuum or blown by pressure. In dilute phase the product is mixed into the air and transported as single grains that pass through the pipe at high speed (20-30 m/s). Dilute phase systems are popular because of the low establishment costs and the ability to handle a wide range of materials.

Planning and constructing a system with pneumatic transport requires knowledge of the materials to be handled and their main characteristics such as particle size, shape, density and chemical composition. TEKFA has expertise and broad experience in all types of powders, and Tekfa has its own testing laboratory, where the optimal solution to meet customers' requirements is found.

Technical specifications

  • Low vacuum or low over-pressure transport
  • High velocity (20 – 30 m/s)
  • Suitable for both coarse and fine products (granules and powders)
  • Feeding product via rotary valve or screw feeder that controls powder:air ratio
  • Vacuum transport or pressure transport
  • Low investment cost
  • Low installation height, simple construction

Not sure if dilute phase is the right system for your business? Contact our sales department, who is ready to help you with the right solution.