A2P pneumatic Iris valve

The A2P Iris Valve features an air or electrically driven geared motor unit and its innovative drive arrangement allows light but robust construction for frequent operation in harsh environments. Double diaphragm Iris Valves are ideal for in-line applications, with no leakage to the atmosphere. The A2P Iris Valve is suitable for heavy duty materials up to 1600 kg/m3. Quick Iris Valve operation is capable of opening or closing in just a few seconds. Diaphragms can be selected to suit any application.


  • Outlet valve for Silos, Bins, Hoppers and Chutes
  • Can be used for In-Line applications
  • Discharge from Sifters, Mixers, and Double Cone Blender outlets
  • For automatic bagging of material where frequent operation is involved
  • Controlling discharge from containers into weigh hoppers

Technical specifications

  • Material: Aluminum & zinc
  • Option: 316 stainless steel contact parts
  • Bore sizes: 150mm, 200mm and 300mm
  • Design: Low compact profile
  • Open, Closed and adjustable intermediate switches
  • Special switch/solenoid packages for hazardous locations
  • Minimum maintenance required for the Iris Valve


A2P 6" Electric operated

A2P 6" Pneumatic operated

A2P 8" Electric operated

A2P 8" Pneumatic operated

A2P 12" Electric operated

A2P 12" Pneumatic operated

To require a STP file, please contact either construction or sales.