Dosing of milk powder, sugar and coco powder for feta cheese and chocolate milk

It is not every day you can go and see the pyramids in the break. During the commissioning of Tekfa's dosing equipment at one of Egypt's largest and most modern dairies, I managed to have the squeeze in a visit at the pyramids.

Easy clean and no cross-contamination 

The dairy wanted the plant to be kept clean, but most of all the dairy wanted the equipment to keep itself clean. Additionally, the system was designed to avoid cross-contamination everywhere.

For cocoa powder and for skimmed milk powder this is important and not completely trivial. For sugar it is also important, but generally must easier to archieve.

After careful consideration, the piping was in some places fully welded and in other places assembled with morris couplings/clamp joints. This makes it easy to disassemble for inspection and cleaning.