Turn-key mixing plant - food production

A manufacturer within plant-based foods ordered this - a complete powder mixing plant for food production. The mixing plant produces various recipes, where it typically applies that the largest component is added with many hundreds of kilos at the same time, as the smallest component is added with only a few grams.

Everything is dosed into the receiving cyclone, where the products lie in the same order as when they arrived - unmixed/heterogeneous that is. The entire contents of the cyclone are then fully emptied into the mixer and then discharged into a pre-hopper above the Big Bag filling station.

All product-affected parts are made of approved materials, including especially stainless steel with a surface roughness better than 0.8 µm. TEKFAs SCADA software keeps track of the recipes in weighed quantities and is responsible for the entire execution.


Above the complete delivery is shown near the end of assembly (from the left):

  • 3 Big Bag discharge stations
  • Sack Tipping station with vacuum lifter
  • Scale for small ingredients
  • Vacuum transport to eh receiving cyclone with a filter including explosion panels and flameless venting
  • Mixer unit
  • Big Bag filling station
  • Stands and platforms

Additionally TEKFA supplied pumps, dust extraction, PLC control units and software.