Refurbishment of ice cream production

Norway's largest ice cream dairy wanted to update their production, where TEKFA supplied the powder mixing plant. At TEKFA, our main focus is on supplying powder mixing plants both on larger or smaller scales, and therefore the project in Norway was basically a standard delivery - although, as always, with some customer-specific changes and detours.

In this project, there was a need, among other things, for the allergenic and non-allergenic powders to be located in two separate rooms to avoid cross-contamination. These powders were therefore handled in seperate piping systems to ensure absolutely no cross-contamination. The picture below shows the powder mixing plant, which contains the following:

Production room 1:

  • 2 x Big Bag discharge station
  • 1 x Bag Tipping station
  • 1 x Dust extraction unit

Production room 2:

  • 1 x Big Bag discharge
  • 3 x Bag Tipping station
  • 1 x Dust extraction unit
  • 14 x Cyclones for the different powders at use

Greater capacity

The ice cream dairy also wanted the containers of the Big Bag discharge stations to be large enough to contain an entire Big Bag in one emptying cycle. In this way, it would be easier for the operator to avoid causing delays due to discharging. Tekfa had previously created a solution similar to this, but it is not common with this type of solution.

The picture below shows the unusually large containers on two of the Big Bag discharge stations. In addition, a dust extraction unit, a Bag Tipping station and a vacuum lifter can be seen.