Coal feeder for power plants

Our customers wanted to reduce maintenance costs and increase the operating time of their coal feeders, as well as meet the stricter requirements for explosion protection.

The coal feeders were built into large containers to shield the rest of the power plant's area from fire and explosive dust. The containers are the elongated cylinders seen in the pictures. They are around 1.8 meters high and 7 meters long.

As a solution for new feeders, TEKFA supplied built-in belt weighers that were designed in such a way that they could be brought into the existing building in smaller parts without having to change the existing building structure of the power plant.

The coal feeder meets the OIML requirements for weighing, and is thus more accurate than the customer's old allocators. This is important for the customer's obligations in the CO2 quota system. The facility also complies with the ATEX 2014/34/EU directive. TEKFA's feeder is patented with European Patent No. EP1162437.

Customer benefits

  • Can be used for both coal and biopills at a power plant
  • Fast adaptability
  • Intelligent feeder that measures pressure, temperature and weight
  • Control of air allocation and optimal combustion