Powder handling

When we talk about powder handling, it is important to understand that we are also talking about several different disciplines, in particular dosing, transport, filtration, capacity, dust, ergonomics and working environment.

Several of these are often present in a dosing solution and an eye for the entire system, is challenging - and this applies almost regardless of whether it is an entire production line, whether it is microdosing or big bag filling.

In the case of a small component weight for micro dosing, dosing, transport, and mixing will be present, while a big bag discharge station usually contains both dosing, dust handling and the further transport of the material, including capacity.

Standard solutions and custom solutions

For the major system solutions, there are often the following elements that recur: emptying and filling stations, microdosing of small components, dosing from sack tipping units and / or big bags, cyclones, filter units, control systems and piping, where especially regarding piping one must know, that it must be built with far greater care than building pipes for liquid and air transport. In addition, there may be different customer-specific requirements for special devices or characteristics of the different powder handling units. This can be due to cross-contamination, installation, noise, ATEX, ease of cleaning and so on.

Powder flow

Below is an example of some powders' transport through a powder handling system and how the various (red) powders and / or granules are transported from silos, big bag discharge station, sack tipping units and small component systems by a pneumatic transport to the cyclones. Dust (green) is sucked into the dust cyclone and is (instantly) emptied into a big bag (in unrealistically huge amounts). Finally, the powder in the receiver cyclones is sucked into the neighboring room, where Tekfa typically has a mixer as a neighboring supplier.

These products are often included in our powder handling solutions:


Small ingredients scale for microdosing

Sack Tipping unit

Dosing of bags and sacks in a dust free environment and with a good operating height

Big Bag filling station

Choose between simple, more complex and ergonomic versions

Big Bag discharge

Units and stations for discharge of Big Bags with or without a crane

Silo systems

Single silos and silo systems designed for customers needs


Accumulation cyklon or receiver cyklon for powder handling

Dust extraction

Single unit or as part of a Big Bag discharge station

Filter units

Filter unit with explosion venting