SCADA, MES, machine control and PLCs

Tekfa offers PLC (Siemens) and computer-based solutions from basic machine control to full SCADA.

TekfaVision is a SCADA program designed for process management and logging of production data. The program has a wide range of features appropriate for several different types of production. TekfaVision is specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual and special wishes concerning both user interface and functionalities.

Technical specifications

  • Complete SCADA and PLC in one program
  • Windows-based user-friendly interface
  • Can be made 100 percent customer-specific
  • Data exchange with economy and inventory systems
  • Update and support via remote connection
  • Communication with and control of PLC

TekfaVision provides user-friendly screens with great overview, wherefrom the entire production can be controlled - from calibration and load cell testing, silo management, dosage and mixing to printing various production and test reports.

The program is designed for a regular PC, but can also be installed in an industrial PC or panel-mounted PC. TekfaVision is delivered as a customized package that meets the specific requirements for any given task.


  • Brickworks
  • Feed materials
  • Foods
  • Chemical production
  • General weighing and registration of product