TEKFALOGIC is an advanced Container Weighing System (CWS) designed to optimize terminal operations through its ability to deliver fast, accurate and compliant container weighing. The CWS can be configured to export weighing results to an existing Terminal Operating System (TOS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), ensuring seamless reporting.

With its intuitive user interface, TEKFALOGIC guarantees a user-friendly encounter, simplifying weighing tasks for operators with precision and swiftness. This effectively minimizes errors and delays, enabling operators to focus their attention on moving containers.


Fast and Accurate Container Weighing TEKFALOGIC ensures a fast and accurate container weighing through the utilization of our certified load cells and algorithms, compliant to industry standards and requirements.

Live Reporting The software can be configured to be integrated with existing TOS or ERP, enabling smooth data transfer, and minimizing disruption to your workflow.

Efficiency and Time Saving By automating the weighing process, TEKFALOGIC significantly reduces operational time and effort, allowing terminals to handle higher volumes of containers efficiently.


Weighing stages



A gray container indicates that the exporting feature is currently disabled, and as a result, the weighing process will not begin.



A white container indicates that the system is ready to begin the weighing process or that a weighing has been completed and is awaiting the release of the container.



An orange container indicates that the system is currently in the process of weighing the container or waiting for the weight to stabilize.



A green container indicates that the weighing process was completed successfully.



A blue container indicates that the weighing process was interrupted due to an unstable weight or was cancelled by the user.



A red container indicates that the weighing process was terminated either due to a procedural failure or unsuccessful export of weighing results.



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