VM-TBS2 weighing module

With its simple design VM-TBS2 weighing module is easy to install in new as well as existing weighing applications. The VM-TBS2 can be mounted with or without load cell, which reduces unwanted downtime to an absolute minimum and eliminates the risk of damaging the load cell during assembly. The weighing module is an integrated lift-off and overload protection system for weighing bins, tanks, dosing plants etc.

Vessel movements due to thermal effects are accommodated with no loss of performance or accuracy by means of VM-TBS2’s built-in free motion load adaptor. The load bearing surface has a hardened finish. A substantial protection plate is positioned above the cable gland to prevent damage by falling objects or misuse. Maximum safety protection from the effects of side loading or accidental collision is built-in.

The heavy-duty earth straps ensure that no potential differences exist between upper and lower mounting plates. This low-resistance cable also protects against accidential welding current and voltage in the construction.

Technical specifications

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Environmental protection: IP68 protection
  • OIML R60 approved
  • Integrated lift-off and overload system
  • Compact installation at minimum height
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Load cell included
  • Ideal for bins, tanks, dosing plants etc.
  • Capacities: 500 kg – 5,000 kg