Bag filters

Out of concern for human comfort and protection from hazardous substances as well as improvement of production processes, high demands are imposed on filtration today. Proper filters prevent inconvenient or dangerous powder spill, both indoors and outdoors. A quality filter helps optimize the capacity and durability of the process equipment, which saves money and time.

Tekfa supply filters for any air filtration process. Bag filters, e.g. air intake filters for vacuum transportation, prevent unintended objects from getting into the air used for the vacuum transportation. Bag filters improve the air quality and make air transportation more efficient.

Tekfa has designed a filter housing with filter cleaning suitable for all kind of environments, e.g. chemical-, pharmaceutical- and food industry. The size is 4.4 m3, it contains 14 bag filters, 4 magnetic valves and has control equipment for the filter cleaning process. All parts (including pressure vessel and manifold to the single filter) are made of either 304 or 316 stainless steel with corresponding 3.1. Certificate.
Tekfa has also designed a compact false air filter unit with self-cleaning. The size is 2 m2 and it is designed with 1 bag filter, 1 membrane valve and can be attached with bolts to existing vessel.


Technical specifications

  • The bag filters are specifically designed for each customers requirements and are therefore unique
  • The bag filters are designed according to parameters such as temperature, chemistry, humidity, area load and requirements for segregation
  • The filter housing is designed according to space available at the production facility


Regulations to comply with, when choosing filters


  • FDA 21 CDF – US Regulation
  • EN 1935/2004 – European Regulation
  • BVG – German Regulation

Explosive atmosphere – gases/dusts

  • ATEX EC Standard 94/9/CE