Silo systems

Tekfa supplies complete silos and silo components designed to meet any customer requirements. Unproblematic loading and unloading of silos are of great importance being the first step in a long process, from the supply of raw material to the finished product. We are able to supply all kinds of components and accessories for silos of all kinds.

At Tekfa we can handle both supply of hardware and deliver complete turnkey projects; from the outset of the project with planning, design and construction, over testing, manufacturing and installation through to final commissioning, Tekfas team of specialists work closely together with you as a customer. Our staff has great expertise in size reduction, sifting, mixing, storage, flow control and conveying of powdered, flaked and pellet materials. All material tests are carried out in our in-house Test Centre. We also have a wide experience in designing and programming tailor-made process control systems to ensure you ease of use and optimal performance, flexibility and profitability. No two projects are alike and we take pride in understanding your specific needs and translating those needs into a workable, cost-effective solution to meet your unique operating requirements.

Components for ensuring accurate loading and unloading of silo

  • Storch coupling: Cover for closing/opening of injection pipe
  • Pinch valve: Mount on injection pipe to regulate injection of material from car to silo. Ideal loading of silo takes place at low pressure in the beginning, then raised pressure and finally low pressure at the end
  • Control panel for injection of material from truck to silo
  • Pressure switch: Connect to control unit to monitor pressure in silo
  • Filter units: Air displacement during loading of silo
  • Explosion vent: Placed on filter unit or on side of silo
  • Excess-pressure valve: Manual membrane valve, deflates in case of over compression
  • Explosion relief: Safety device for avoiding powder explosion. Designed to burst at defined pressure level to avoid deformation of silo in case of explosion
  • High/low level indicator: Connect to control unit to monitor powder level and notifies when next filling must be activated
  • Load cell: Device for indicating powder content in silo
  • Load cell mounting: Mounting of load cells on legs or on 100% support weighing frame
  • Silo 100% support weighing frame: Weighing frame with adjustable number of load cells for silo without legs
  • Shut-off gate: Convenient for servicing equipment beneath vibrating silo bottom. Closes off material flow and eliminates emptying of silo
  • Vibrator: Device for facilitating unloading of silo
  • Bin activator: Device for facilitating unloading of silo
  • Fluidization nozzle: Device for facilitating unloading of silo
  • Manhole: For inspection inside silo (cleaning, service etc.)
  • Ladderway, landing and handrail: Access to silo top and manhole. Made according to applicable safety regulations/WEA directions.

Weighing modules for silos

We have several years of experience with different types of weighing systems, whether it is for silo, tank, container, etc. Tekfa's weighing systems are available in both a  basic version, where only the weight itself is shown, and more complex versions with complete dosing controls and SCADA systems for factories, where data is transferred to the preferred ERP system.

A weighing solution for a silo system, silo weighing system or a container weighing can look in several ways, which can include varoius numbers of weighing cells, junction boxes, cables and weight indicator / weighing instruments with different built-in functions.

Contact us at if you want to hear more or want a specific offer on silo weighing, container weighing or need more information.