Junction box BOKSC4 & BOKSC8 offers easy connection of 4 and 8 load cells in one box, easy trimming, integrated surge protection devices and compliant with EMC and EN45591 standards. Both junction boxes can be used, when connecting several load cells on different units to e.g. weighbridges, floor scales, big bag units, tanks, silos etc. The connection between multiple load cells and an extension cord to e.g. a weight transmitter, must be secured in a proper manner. The junction box has a one cable gland per load cell and one for the instrument. There are to versions available, both in stainless steel and well suited for environments which have high demands concerning hygiene-, humidity and chemical resistance.

  • Robust stainless steel IP67 junction box
  • Connection of up to 8 load cells
  • Easy trimming via resistors or potentiometers
  • Integrated surge protection device
  • Available as an optional ATEX-approved version