E pneumatic Iris Valve

The pneumatic E Iris Diaphragm Valves are the strongest and most resilient of the Mucon powered Iris valves. It has an extremely robust construction and reliable drive elements making it suitable for the most arduous duties. The drive is provided by a powerful pneumatic piston and pulley system. The double diaphragm Iris Valve is ideal for in-line applications with no leakage to atmosphere.

The pneumatic piston also enables semi- and full automation - for example opening and closing the valve based on a weight signal. That way the iris valve can be used for dosing out of a bigbag.


Technical specifications

  • Material: Aluminium Body parts, Gunmetal Control Clamp Ring
  • Bore sizes from 150mm to 450mm
  • 316L stainless steel fasteners are fitted as standard on the Iris valve
  • Optional materials of construction: Stainless steel contact parts - Top and Bottom Clamp Rings only
  • Option: 316 stainless steel contact parts on the Iris Valve can be supplied
  • Option: Pre-piped and directly mounted pneumatic control on the Iris Valves
  • Option: Open and Closed control solenoid valve (Customer to specify voltage required)
  • Option: Full trickle-feed facility, including trickle-feed switch and solenoid valves to give Open, Closed and adjustable trickle-feed position
  • Option: A variety of surface coatings to suit corrosive environments
  • Option: Special cylinder and proximity sensors where the valve is required for ATEX zone 22
  • Option: Automatic closure system are available in case of air or electrical failure
  • Option: Special packages are available to suit hazardous locations


E Valve Pneumatic operated

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