AD Iris valve

Mucon's AD iris valve is a double diaphragm Iris valve which is ideal for in-line applications without leakage to the atmosphere. It has a robust design for medium and heavy duty materials handling up to 1600 kg / m³. All the body parts are made of aluminum. Control Ring (Handle) for sizes up to and including 200 mm diameter are made of Gunmetal. Valves larger than 200 mm in diameter is made of aluminum/zinc. To avoid corrosion a nylon trigger and 316 stainless steel screws are used. Sizes 380 mm and 450 mm is hand wheel operation as standard.


  • The outlet valve for Silos, Hoppers and Chutes
  • In-line applications
  • Discharge from Sights, Mixers and mixes
  • For manual bag fills, where frequent operation is involved
  • Operation of discharge from containers to weighing hoppers
  • Closing the Big Bags, in which a valve less than JS12 series is required

Technical specifications

  • Material: Aluminum and gunmetal, aluminum / zinc
  • Bore size: From 80mm to 450mm
  • Option: Material AISI 316 (except AD3)
  • Option: Material Flurene for corrosive environments
  • Option: Stainless steel fasteners
  • Option: Multi notch to improve flow control
  • Option: Hand wheel for sizes 150-300 mm


AD Handlever

AD Handwheel 6 - 12

AD Handwheel 15 - 18

AD Notching arrangement

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